Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meet Clyde

Please click on each image for a larger view.

This blog will document my next great project: Restoring a vintage Clyde Mahagony Boat.

It was one of those rare finds that no one ever expects. I walked into an old barn, and there it was, sitting in the corner - untouched for 20 years. I had to have it, and thankfully the owner was willing to sell. Now it sits in my garage waiting to be restored to it's proper self. My wife made a comment that I am sure that she thought I did not hear - "if you are going to restore it, do it right..." I think she might be regretting the comment...

Up to this point, I have had the Evinrude engine restored. Unfortunately, I tried to drain the oil , but instead disconnected the shifter. The removal of that one tiny screw cost me $600, but this minor mishap has not discouraged me. I took this as an opportunity to have the motor looked at completely and have any thing that needed to be fixed done so that I knew where I stood with the motor. I know this will not be the first "surprise" regarding my new "hobby".

I then visited Pier 7 in Bay City where I purchased Captain's Varnish - Traditional Amber Color. This applied in multiple coats will give my boat the beautiful shine it has been missing. Hopefully I will get better pictures when the weather clears a little bit and I can take the boat outside. January in Michigan is never a "good weather" month!